Relationship Counselling

How can relationship counselling help a couple?

The purpose of relationship therapy is to facilitate understanding and perspective. It is to encourage really effective communication as this can break down when there are conflicts and confusion; the feeling of going round in circles. In couple therapy the therapist is there to be supportive to both people in a safe confidential setting.

Unresolved problems in our relationships can lead to great distress, loss of confidence and sometimes to depression or illness. It can become really hard to understand the underlying reasons for these problems as they may be very deep rooted but influence our patterns of thinking, emotions, choices and reactions. No wonder we can feel stuck and frustrated.

Taking time out to have a good look at how and when things went wrong is the start of making changes, achieving acceptance and lead to having a more positive experience of the relationship.

We are constantly having to adjust to changes and events that are sometimes too difficult to deal with without the right kind of support. It is now well known and researched that the talking therapies are of great assistance in helping people at difficult times of their lives.

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Most people coming to me for couple and relationship therapy have reached an impasse. A lot of the work I do with couples is centred on communication and conflict. Helping you to articulate in a new way what is wrong and what you’d like to be different. Helping you both to listen and really hear what your partner is saying. Exploring together how each of you deals with conflict in your relationship. I will help you bring out into the open what you value in your relationship, and what you’d like to see changed. My role shifts as we work through your issues: at times a facilitator, at others a mediator, sometimes an active observer, bringing a different perspective through my experience and expertise.  Many couples hesitate to come to therapy because they fear the exposure – not just with me, but also with each other. And like many couples I see, you may be worried I will take sides. What you will find if we work together is that I will pay equal attention to you both, that I will get to know how you both see and experience your situation. I am interested in both of you as individuals, and how you relate together. I am here not to pass judgement but to help you to support each other to find your way in your relationship. Couple therapy allows you to make thoughtful decisions about your relationship, which may include rejuvenating it, but occasionally it may mean making a decision to end it. If that’s the case, therapy can help you come to a more amicable resolution. – Mandy
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Relationship Counselling helps:
  • Help any underlying relationship issues
  • Improve communication skills
  • Reflect on what is valued in the relationship and what changes are wanted.
  • Assist with making thoughtful decisions about the relationship
  • Reach amicable resolutions 
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