Hey, I’m Katie and I’m an Integrative Psychotherapist and Coach at Calm Journey therapy.
I’ve been providing developmental services for over 20 years, and like most of us, have experienced various life challenges myself.

I believe that counselling is like any other great relationship. Trust (and I mean real trust) is absolutely key. Having this as part of a therapeutic relationship helps clients to really work through what is causing pain or making life difficult. I create a peaceful space for you to be heard when no one else is listening.

There are so many reasons why people decide to explore therapy. Maybe you’re feeling overwhelmed, anxious, stuck or in despair, and those feelings can be all encompassing. Or maybe you’re not even sure what to think or feel, you just know that you need some help.

Everyone should have the right to good mental health, don’t you think?

I offer both short and long-term therapy for adults aged 17 and over on a one-to-one basis which can either be remote or face to face.I also provide relationship counselling which often (but not always) involves both parties attending therapy together. My approach is integrative, meaning that I draw on different theories and approaches depending on what YOU need and what is right for YOU. I am a member of the BACP, and I really believe what they stand for, which is to provide therapy in a safe, confidential, non judgemental and trusted environment.

Alongside my therapeutic work I am also a Mental Health First-Aid Instructor, a Suicide First Aid Instructor, a qualified coach and a leadership facilitator. All of these support people in feeling better more of the time.

Working as Duty Welfare Officer for a Fire and Rescue service means that I have extensive experience of supporting people facing trauma and PTSD.

A little about me…. I absolutely love to learn and am intrigued by life and human behaviour, for this reason I enjoy the work I do so much. I am a Mum, a daughter and a partner. I cherish my family. I love to cook and have long walks in the woods or by the sea.
The therapist you choose needs to be right for you therefore I always recommend a chat first so that we can discuss your needs and make sure therapy will support you.

I work with clients by using an integration of different schools of psychotherapy including but not limited to, psychodynamic work and cognitive behavioural therapy. This allows a well crafted approach aligning to what my client needs.

Psychodynamic Theory:
Psychodynamic therapy is an approach that generates a deep understanding of not only peoples emotions and mental processing, but also helps to provide greater insight into how they feel and think. By improving this understanding of the ‘what’ AND the ‘why’ means people can then make better choices about their lives.

I see:

- Adults 17 and over 

I see clients:

- Face to face at Calm Journey

Common questions clients ask me:


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Katie offers a free 15 minute phone consultation and charges between £45 and £55 a session.
Depending on circumstances, session costs may be able to be reduced.
This is subject to availability and terms and conditions.

Katie sees clients on Thursdays and Fridays
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Katies Reviews

I have no hesitation in recommending her!

I met Katie through the Calm Journey website. At that time I had recently been through a very upsetting medical experience that had left me feeling traumatised. I was feeling totally overwhelmed, scared & ‘freaked out’. Seeking help was the best thing I did as Katie really helped me to make sense of all my negative & damaging thoughts. Katie put me at ease from the first meeting. I felt… Read more “I have no hesitation in recommending her!”


Helping me make the boat go faster!

Katie and I really hit it off from our very first session, putting me at ease and empowering me to build my confidence and develop the ability to tackle issues head on! I have had therapy before but it always seemed to leave me feeling as though there was more I needed to do. Katie has given me the space and at times the check to ensure my environment is… Read more “Helping me make the boat go faster!”


I wholeheartedly recommend!

At the start of my time with Katie I was struggling for many reasons, and it was certainly a low point in my life. In the months following, I felt a great improvement in my outlook on life and the state of my mental health. After 6 months I felt like I was truly thriving and was better equipped to handle life’s tribulations. Katie is incredibly perceptive and adaptable, so… Read more “I wholeheartedly recommend!”


I would recommend her to anyone

I have been seeing Katie for over a year. I was at my lowest time of my life. Then I was fortunate enough to find Katie who in my opinion is the most professional warm comforting friendly lifeline. She has taught me alot about my feelings and has given me coping mechanisms. I would recommend her to anyone who is in need of counselling in a safe comfortable… Read more “I would recommend her to anyone”

Your Mental Health in Safe Hands

After a turbulent time with a lot of change, I found myself in a position needing some extra support to help navigate me through. That’s when I found Calm Journey. A safe space for me to unpack my thoughts and feelings with the support and guidance of Katie. Whilst inner healing and processing must come from within, it is not possible without the help of experienced and talented guides. Katie… Read more “Your Mental Health in Safe Hands”



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