Session Cancellations

What if I can’t make a booked session?

Here at Calm Journey Therapy, we understand that life happens! And things can come up that prevent us attending a pre booked session. If this does happen, please notify us as soon as possible as we need 24 hours notice to cancel a session. 

Regrettably, depending on the reason for your cancellation, any less than 12 hours notice, the full session cost will be charged. We understand that this can be difficult, but It is important to note that therapists do have their own individual costs to cover.

If you have made a booking using our automatic booking system, you can cancel or reschedule your appointment up to 6 hours before the start of your session using your confirmation email. 

Any time after that and unfortunately the system will not allow you to cancel or change your session. 
Please however, still contact your therapist directly or use the Calm Journey Therapy number: 01323 364365.

Also; if you do not see your therapist on a regular basis, and cancel your session less than 2 hours before it's start, but do not wish to reschedule, the full amount of the session will need to be paid before any other session is made in the future.

Holding Session Times

If a practitioner offers you a session time by email or text message, that session time can only be held for usually 12 hours. 
If we have not had any confirmation from you within that period, there is unfortunately a chance that your session time may be lost.

Free Initial Consultation Cancellations

If you cannot make your free initial consultation, please cancel or reschedule this via your confirmation email or contact your therapist directly.
Please note however: If you cancel a second time, a fee of £10 is payable if rescheduling for a third time.

Home Visit Counselling

Due to the addition of travelling time, Calm Journey asks that a minimum of 24 hours is given to cancel a pre-booked home visit. Unfortunately if this is not given, we normally have to charge the full amount due to the average time of one home visit, would normally be the equivalent of two counselling sessions at Calm Journey. 
This will vary on a case by case basis, so please contact your therapist directly if you have any doubts.


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