Self-Esteem and Confidence-Building Workshops For Children Aged 10 - 15


“Learning through Fun, Building Confidence with Teamwork and Understanding Coding using Robots”

Self-Esteem and Confidence is crucial for everyone to learn and build on, especially at an early age. Calm Journey with Calm Academy are proud to host a workshop designed for 10 to 15-year old children that puts technology and fun at the centre, helping them understand the importance of having faith in themselves, build communication skills, teamwork and coding, and of course, don’t forget the robot races and battles they will be working on!

Using the robots at the core of the workshops, children will be split into two teams of 3 or 4, exploring ideas and thoughts on how to program the robots, how they can work, respond and interact. Through fun and unconditional acceptance and support, children learn faster, learn to trust quicker, and subsequently build their self-worth, deployed by trained Therapists – All enhanced DBS checked.

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