Life has a way of asking so much of us, doesn’t it?

The effort of coping can leave us all feeling exhausted, disorientated, empty, hurting or with a longing to find meaning and purpose and get back on track.

Such feelings can be overwhelming and hard to deal with all alone – so why should you?

Counselling is your time and place to be heard and understood, sometimes for the first time in your life, by someone who believes in you and wants the best for you.

Hi, my name is Kate, a therapist at Calm Journey, specialising in person-centred therapeutic counselling. This is an approach which puts you in charge of determining how you want to face your challenges and difficulties. It is a way to process all that is happening for you without judgement – so that you can reach your place of understanding, acceptance and, maybe, peace.

As a member of the BACP, I work within their ethical codes and practices, which means I value your right to safety and confidentiality, whilst treating you with fairness and respect. It is important to feel trust and connection within your counselling relationship so this is important for you to feel you have.

Alongside my counselling work, I am a coach and leadership facilitator with over 20 years of experience helping professionals find meaning, performance and wellbeing in their places of work and life. In so doing, I have always worked by meeting you where you are and walking alongside you as you find your way back to effectiveness and balance. I am there with you as you answer questions you are holding, address inner hurt you are feeling and seek to understand battles you are facing.

I offer both short- and long-term counselling for adults dealing with the full range of life difficulties and challenges, with particular experience of those going through low mood and anxiety plus life issues such as relationship difficulties, dealing with the effects of abuse – and dealing with the demands of caring.

Let’s take that first step together, starting with a chat to see if counselling with me feels right for you.

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