In the first session, understandably your child may be unsure what counselling is and why they are here, which is why the first session is crucial for us to talk freely about what is bothering you or your child and get to know each other, ensuring your child has a good basis to start feeling safe and secure in this new environment

After the first session we can start to establish the fundamental goals of the counselling. However, this can differ depending on why and how it has been suggested to take your child to counselling, why you feel you are bringing your child to counselling and why they feel they are coming to counselling.

We can then start to establish what behaviours may be causing turbulence and how we might go about changing them. It is also at this stage that we can decide, together, whether the child is willing or wants to be counselled alone. Sometimes it may be necessary for you and your partner, if present, to come to counselling without your child. This will of course depend completely on the topic, situation and circumstances.

It is not uncommon for your therapist to set homework for you and your child (depending on their age) to undertake between sessions. This is to encourage everyone to explore their behaviours more effectively and in their natural environment.

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Calm Journey therapists can help your child:
  • Understand what worries them
  • Learn to understand feelings and emotions
  • Overcome fears or insecurities
  • Identify what may increase their symptoms
  • Relate with other children
  • Change negative behaviours
  • Establish a stable, dependable routine
We ask for signed permission to counsel an under 18.
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