Finding someone to talk to about yourself, as a young male, can be a daunting task and in January 2017 I needed help to find my ‘calm’ again. I was going through a traumatic professional situation, which had its roots in a toxic personal relationship, and I needed rescuing.

I’d already had a rather scarring experience of therapy from a few years previously and I guess this made me anxious about what to expect, but at the same time more certain about what I wanted my Calm Journey to be like. One thing that Oly said right from the outset was ‘It’s your session and you decide where it goes’.

I was recommended CJT by a friend and I was able to book an initial free consultation session very easily online. Oly was also very good at corresponding with me via email and I already felt I knew him before our first session. I attended this consultation armed with a notebook full of my ‘issues’ and I felt so comfortable spilling all of these things to a stranger- already it was a complete contrast to my first experience of counselling and I felt relieved. Oly was very kind in negotiating a very reasonable fee with me for his sessions and I left that first meeting happy and looking forward to the next one.

Our weekly sessions were literally the highlight of my week, set against the backdrop of my professional life which was in chaos. They very rarely lasted just the appointed hour and Oly was very generous with his time-never ‘watching the clock’, wishing to ensure I had covered everything I had planned to. Sessions sometimes followed my set plan of agenda  items, but the more spontaneous sessions were often the most useful.

Oly would sometimes set me ‘homework’ to supplement the session, including watching videos and reading material alluded to earlier. Oly was very good at explaining my situation very simply to me and there would always be a ‘light bulb moment’ in each session that stuck. Oly has a very personable style and I would always feel more enlightened and confident after meeting with him. He exudes positivity and simplicity and his ‘down-to-earth’ persona really suited my needs. Therapy was normalised at CJT and I felt like I was part of a realigning process each session. I actually enjoyed reflecting on my week as it unfolded and then seeking rationalisation with Oly. I learned to ‘feel’ as well as ‘think’ and begin to understand my emotional processes.

I always felt supported between sessions by Oly, always receiving replies to emails within minutes and Oly went above and beyond in support me through a very difficult period. When I was unable to attend for several weeks, I didn’t feel like I was being pressured to return- Oly was very relaxed with me and this put me at ease.

My overall experience at Calm Journey Therapy was a thoroughly invigorating one which indeed left me feeling calm and understanding that therapy is part of a journey- there is no magic end destination, just a continual quest for self-awareness. I’m indebted to Oly for his wise words and sense of humour which enabled me to grow and reflect on a very difficult time with acceptance and understanding.

Thank you, Oly.



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