I met Katie through the Calm Journey website. At that time I had recently been through a very upsetting medical experience that had left me feeling traumatised. I was feeling totally overwhelmed, scared & ‘freaked out’. Seeking help was the best thing I did as Katie really helped me to make sense of all my negative & damaging thoughts. Katie put me at ease from the first meeting. I felt safe opening up about how I felt. We discussed past traumas that still haunted me & my feelings of worthlessness. Katie helped me to put all this into prospective & not to be so hard on myself. I’m learning to try to take time for myself, to be more patient & kind to me. It’s not been an easy process & the sessions were sometimes very emotional. The breathing techniques help to calm me when I feel panicky & allow me time to think things through. My confidence & self esteem have improved with Katie’s help. I couldn’t have got this far without Katie’s support & guidance. I have no hesitation in recommending her!



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