Calm Journey was recommended to us when our Son was going through a very dark time and he clearly needed and wanted more help than we were able to offer him. This is when he first met Oly. Our son is very open and honest and wanted to get to grips with and try and understand his issues which were consuming him at the time. Oly immediately put him at ease and his journey began. Oly allowed our Son to take his time in addressing things initially, which I know helped him to gain trust and confidence in the process he was going through. Our sons sessions soon became a life line for him but Oly was very good at acknowledging this and knew when to encourage him to get through uncertain times independently, however, communication was always open. Oly has been instrumental in allowing our Son to continue his journey with a new found confidence in the person he is and the decisions he makes. It certainly didn’t happen over night and he is still dealing with issues but the difference is clear to see. Our Son has great respect for Oly as a therapist and a person and we are eternally grateful to him for guiding him through such a difficult time and knowing his support is still there if and when needed.



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