I have just found myself in a particularly good mood the past few hours and have really begun to appreciate the process and progress which has been made since I had the first session with you. There have been stresses since the last meeting but at no point have I found anything to be particularly overwhelming or unmanageable and I do not believe that I would be in the position to write this email if it wasn’t for your support over the course of the last few months. I am starting to find that breaking the flow of negative thinking with positive reinforcement is starting to become an easier process (if not instinctive at times) which as a result has been able to provide me with a clear mind enabling me to focus on work, conversations and building stronger relationships with those around me. It truly is a humbling feeling! I feel the underestimated power of compliments in order to pick someone up or to bring a feeling of inner peace is grossly underused in today’s society so I would like to end with a phrase which I remember you saying vividly “You Are Awesome”. Ill continue to keep up the positive energy and will not hesitate to contact you in the future if I feel like I need to.

Thank You!!



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