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  Hi I'm Nina,  an integrated Psychotherapist at Calm Journey. My journey into counselling was introduced through my own personal therapy.
I have learnt  the importance of recognising the power of emotion & our feelings and that we should own them & value them rather than hide & push them away. By using these signals as messages to move positively forwards in our lives we can reach our full potential and become the person we intended to be.

I work using an integrated counselling approach: so each session is tailored to best suit your needs and issues, to reach any desired outcome that you require.

Having worked for many years as a beauty & complementary therapist, with a wide range of clients, helping to create beauty and the feel good factor on the outside, I came to realize that true health, well being & feeling good about ourselves lies within. If we can create strong emotional foundations, we have a good base to move forward with  confidence & security to create a life we truly want to live. I look forward to helping you with your journey.&nbsp


Common questions clients ask me:

National Counselling Society Direct Link - NDurtnall NCS-1400873

Email : [email protected]

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Nina offers a Free 15 minute phone consultation and charges £45 a session with a sliding scale available
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Nina's Reviews

I cannot recommend Nina at Calm Journey highly enough ...

Even though I am a relatively strong person, I found coping with my marriage break up very difficult whilst still working full time and dealing with the fallout that comes with being with someone for almost 30 years. A work colleague witnessed my difficult journey and when life just became completely overwhelming she recommended Nina, and I haven't looked back since. For the last 20 months, Nina has been, and… Read more "I cannot recommend Nina at Calm Journey highly enough ..."



When I went to Nina I felt overwhelmed with various emotions. Nina helped me to understand how I was feeling & how to cope with certain situations. Over a few weeks I could relate to what Nina had suggested & started to put into practice various techniques she had taught me.
I am very grateful to have had Nina at a time when life was quite stressful.


After struggling with stress and

After struggling with stress and bereavement I was referred to Nina. I have never met a greater listener or a kinder person than Nina. She has helped me cope with what I was experiencing with multiple coping strategies - especially during exams -that have helped me improve so much and continue to do so. Nina allowed our sessions to go at my own pace and ensured that I was comfortable.… Read more "After struggling with stress and"


I started seeing Nina because

I started seeing Nina because I felt overwhelmed after having my first baby. The accompanying tiredness really exacerbated my anxiety and I was finding things really hard at a time I really wanted to treasure. Seeing Nina helped me so much. She was kind, patient and friendly. She helped me to identify strategies to help me to look after myself as well as the baby, which was something I had… Read more "I started seeing Nina because"


When I was separated from

When I was separated from my husband, things were so bad, I wasn’t well at all. It was the worst period of my life. I couldn’t trust anyone anymore and I really thought I would never trust another person again or it would take very long time until I learn to trust someone again. I never thought I would seek a professional help but my situation was so bad, I… Read more "When I was separated from"