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As a therapist and a person, I can’t speak highly enough of Oly

As a therapist and a person, I can’t speak highly enough of Oly. He helped me through a very dark period of my life, a period which I can happily say is coming to an end! He was compassionate, friendly and understanding, and would do anything he could to help me feel comfortable. He never pushed me too far, and allowed our sessions to move at a pace that was right for me. He made me realise that any step forward, no matter how small it may seem, was in fact a massive achievement, which is something that sticks with me every day.  Calm journey was a god send for me, and it has a truest great person in… Read more “As a therapist and a person, I can’t speak highly enough of Oly”


Finding someone to talk to about yourself, as a young male

Finding someone to talk to about yourself, as a young male, can be a daunting task and in January 2017 I needed help to find my ‘calm’ again. I was going through a traumatic professional situation, which had its roots in a toxic personal relationship, and I needed rescuing. I’d already had a rather scarring experience of therapy from a few years previously and I guess this made me anxious about what to expect, but at the same time more certain about what I wanted my Calm Journey to be like. One thing that Oly said right from the outset was ‘It’s your session and you decide where it goes’. I was recommended CJT by a friend and I was able to book an initial free consultation session very easily online. Oly was also very good at corresponding with me via email and I already felt I knew him before… Read more “Finding someone to talk to about yourself, as a young male”


It was difficult for me to take the step to seek therapy

It was difficult for me to take the step to seek therapy but as soon as I had completed that first session with Oly, I was put at ease and knew that it was an important part of helping myself. I looked forward to our sessions and felt very comfortable. The information we explored I worked with and found it really helped. I would recommend Oly to anyone should they be looking for… Read more “It was difficult for me to take the step to seek therapy”


I approached Oly at one of my most darkest periods of my life

I approached Oly at one of my most darkest periods of my life. I was lost, confused and was having thoughts which were completely out of character which was incredibly frightening. The moment I contacted Calm Journey I started to feel reassured that support was on the way. Unusually, Oly e-mailed me within the 6 hours that was promised (which sadly is quite rare, not only what I experienced in counselling but in other industries too), sent me an understanding e-mail and was by far the most responsive person that I engaged with when starting this process. I’m pleased to say that the experience continued to be positive when we agreed that we would work together. Oly got to know me very quickly, understood how I ticked in only a couple of sessions and never judged how or why I was feeling the way I was feeling. He was always… Read more “I approached Oly at one of my most darkest periods of my life”


Amazing support!

The support and help I received through Calm Journey has been amazing. Oly is a very experienced and caring individual who supports you throughout the sessions and carefully questions your way of thinking. Talking freely you are allowed to express yourself comfortably, knowing that the person listening to you is there to find ways of improving your life for the better. I would not hesitate to recommend him to others who feel they may just need that extra support to positively realign their life. A lovely positive experience. Thank… Read more “Amazing support!”


I couldn’t recommend a better therapist.

In mid 2017 I was in a rough place, my anxiety was through the roof and my mind was racing. Calm Journey was a safe haven where I could talk about my issues in private. My therapist was a lovely guy called Oly who was the perfect blend of professional and knowledgeable but at the same time loyal, un-judgemental, down to earth and kind, he got me through some of the darkest moments of my life and I couldn’t recommend a better therapist. If you’re on the fence about diving into the scary world of therapy, take the dive! It was one of the best decisions I ever… Read more “I couldn’t recommend a better therapist.”


I cannot recommend Nina at Calm Journey highly enough …

Even though I am a relatively strong person, I found coping with my marriage break up very difficult whilst still working full time and dealing with the fallout that comes with being with someone for almost 30 years. A work colleague witnessed my difficult journey and when life just became completely overwhelming she recommended Nina, and I haven’t looked back since. For the last 20 months, Nina has been, and continues to be, simply amazing. I couldn’t have ridden this ‘grief curve’ without her care and support during this incredibly difficult time. She truly ‘listens’ and forgets nothing. She never rushes you, letting you go at your own pace whether it be slow, muddled or fast and allows you to be yourself. I have, and will continue to highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for someone to help them through life’s difficult journeys. She has certainly brought some… Read more “I cannot recommend Nina at Calm Journey highly enough …”



When I went to Nina I felt overwhelmed with various emotions. Nina helped me to understand how I was feeling & how to cope with certain situations. Over a few weeks I could relate to what Nina had suggested & started to put into practice various techniques she had taught me. I am very grateful to have had Nina at a time when life was quite… Read more “Understanding”


After struggling with stress and

After struggling with stress and bereavement I was referred to Nina. I have never met a greater listener or a kinder person than Nina. She has helped me cope with what I was experiencing with multiple coping strategies – especially during exams -that have helped me improve so much and continue to do so. Nina allowed our sessions to go at my own pace and ensured that I was comfortable. I am so thankful that I met Nina during such a difficult time and that I know always have her to go to when I need… Read more “After struggling with stress and”


I started seeing Nina because

I started seeing Nina because I felt overwhelmed after having my first baby. The accompanying tiredness really exacerbated my anxiety and I was finding things really hard at a time I really wanted to treasure. Seeing Nina helped me so much. She was kind, patient and friendly. She helped me to identify strategies to help me to look after myself as well as the baby, which was something I had let slip. It really helped me to know that I was seeing Nina and I would thorougly recommend if you’re struggling. Seeing Nina is a hugely worthwhile investment. I had quite ad-hoc appointments and never felt any pressure to have more appointments than I thought I needed or could afford. Thank you so much for all your help- I will be back to see you again… Read more “I started seeing Nina because”


A new outlook

After year of trying to sort my own issues out I decided that I needed help. Oly and calm journey were recommend to me by a friend. After a couple of weeks of procrastinating whether to call I finally made an appointment to see Oly. From the very first consultation I felt at ease and felt like I could talk openly and honestly about my past. Oly will be the last person to take any credit and will say I did all the hard work myself, but he helps facilitate an environment to feel safe enough in to be able to let go of the past stuff. Since my sessions I have a much calmer mind and a better outlook on life. I also have a much higher belief in myself, something i’ve struggled with in the past. I know that even tho my sessions have finished that if at… Read more “A new outlook”

M Fox

When I was separated from

When I was separated from my husband, things were so bad, I wasn’t well at all. It was the worst period of my life. I couldn’t trust anyone anymore and I really thought I would never trust another person again or it would take very long time until I learn to trust someone again. I never thought I would seek a professional help but my situation was so bad, I couldn’t cope on my own anymore so I had no choice… I’m so glad I did when I did – I met Nina. I started my long journey with Nina. I had so many doors to unlock but we tackled one by one – sometimes I made 2 steps forward then 3 steps backwards… but she kept believing me and she assured me that I was doing well! I honestly think I couldn’t be where I am now if it… Read more “When I was separated from”


Oly was such a great help to my son

Cannot thank Oly enough for the help and support he gave my son at a time in his life he seemed to be struggling with. My son really felt connected with Oly even if my son didn’t always show it. Would highly recommend. Thank you… Read more “Oly was such a great help to my son”


Thank you

Oly has been amazing in helping my Son – he has told me that Oly was very good at listening to him and being patient in understanding everything he had to say. From my point of view it has been great to see such a positive change in my son form the start to end of therapy, Oly has been a much needed big brother figure to him and I cannot thank him enough for the support he has given us as a family. I would recommend Oly to any families thinking about… Read more “Thank you”


Oly was a god send in helping our son – couldn’t recommend him enough

Calm Journey was recommended to us when our Son was going through a very dark time and he clearly needed and wanted more help than we were able to offer him. This is when he first met Oly. Our son is very open and honest and wanted to get to grips with and try and understand his issues which were consuming him at the time. Oly immediately put him at ease and his journey began. Oly allowed our Son to take his time in addressing things initially, which I know helped him to gain trust and confidence in the process he was going through. Our sons sessions soon became a life line for him but Oly was very good at acknowledging this and knew when to encourage him to get through uncertain times independently, however, communication was always open. Oly has been instrumental in allowing our Son to continue his… Read more “Oly was a god send in helping our son – couldn’t recommend him enough”


When all other professionals let

When all other professionals let us down and my son was at the lowest point in his life Oly really listened. Not only did Oly take the time to listen to my son but was also there for the whole family. I cannot thank Oly enough for the help and support he has given us and getting my son on the road to recovery and most importantly putting a smile back on his face. I can’t recommend him… Read more “When all other professionals let”


When I first met Oly

When I first met Oly I felt isolated and alone and had given up in people wanting to listen to me. My session’s with Oly helped me become more confident in myself, believe in myself and taught me various coping techniques. Without finding Oly I’m not sure where I maybe today. I now have the confidence to learn to drive and have since re enrolled in… Read more “When I first met Oly”


Oly was the right person at the right time for my son

Oly was recommended to us when our 15 year old son was going through a particularly difficult time. He immediately struck up an open and supportive dialogue with both our son and us and provided round the clock support whenever it was needed. A short (ten session) course of therapy helped get things back on an even keel and it’s great to know that Oly will be there if/when we need… Read more “Oly was the right person at the right time for my son”


For me personally, Oly managed

For me personally, Oly managed to redirect my thinking to look at things from a different angle. A perspective that has always there, but I just couldn’t see at times. Nevermore than a meeting. email or phone call away, I always felt like he had my back when I needed it. Even if it was just to get the noise out of my head and vent, he was (and still is) there. When it comes to finding someone who is supportive, guiding and an overall lovely fella, then you can’t get better than… Read more “For me personally, Oly managed”


I’ve been coming to Calm Journey Therapy

I ‘ve been coming to calm journey therapy for nearly two years and hands down is the best place I’ve ever been to regarding help . I work with oly who I cannot recommend high enough . It’s safe place and trust is like no other place I’ve been too . I am so grateful to have found this safe place… Read more “I’ve been coming to Calm Journey Therapy”


Progress which has been made since I had the first session with you

I have just found myself in a particularly good mood the past few hours and have really begun to appreciate the process and progress which has been made since I had the first session with you. There have been stresses since the last meeting but at no point have I found anything to be particularly overwhelming or unmanageable and I do not believe that I would be in the position to write this email if it wasn’t for your support over the course of the last few months. I am starting to find that breaking the flow of negative thinking with positive reinforcement is starting to become an easier process (if not instinctive at times) which as a result has been able to provide me with a clear mind enabling me to focus on work, conversations and building stronger relationships with those around me. It truly is a humbling feeling! I feel… Read more “Progress which has been made since I had the first session with you”

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